Diet Supplements Vs. Natural Food – Something to ponder for Singapore

More and more people are starting to opt for health supplements instead of natural food and regular meals. Some of them don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal or snack multiple times a day, while others just can’t get themselves to eat vegetables, fruits, or any other organic food that is full of healthy nutrients.


With the passage of time, we have become over reliant and accustomed with processed or fast food. People think of cooking or meal preparation as a waste of time. After all, you can take a couple of pills for vitamins and some food supplement, and there you have your daily dose of nutrients and minerals?

In Singapore, research shows a significant increase in the spending on dietary supplement, and it has been an upward trend for the past five years.

Another interesting research states that people in Singapore are spending more on digestive treatments, for example heart burn, gastric problems, and the likes.

Apparently, these digestive problems seem to be arising from the hectic routines, as well as the lack of fiber-rich, natural food in the diets.

Food vs. supplement

What the people of Singapore must realize that supplements aren’t meant to replace the good, wholesome food from your daily routine. Supplements might be needed to compensate for the lack of a particular nutrient, but that doesn’t mean you can take half a dozen pills or drinks for vitamins, calcium, protein, minerals, etc. and stop bothering about the food.

What Supplements are not?

You don’t get the taste and pleasure from the pills that you can get from a natural fruit. For example, you might take pills for vitamin C, but it’s nowhere near the joy of eating a couple of oranges with your friends or family members.

Same goes for food preparation, it might come across as a waste of time, but think again, you are preparing healthy meal for you or your family members, and a time spent on you or your family is hardly a waste of time.

Natural, organic food is often complex, with many different types of nutrients that actually compliments each other, and helps your body to make the most of it. Also, as earlier suggested, there’s fiber in most of these fruits or vegetables, which is very good for your digestive system. No pills, not even fresh juice of the same fruit will give you that much fiber. So, instead of saving some minutes, and risking your health, it’s better to take out some time, and rejuvenate your body with the real, wholesome food, because it deserves the care.